HP LoadRunner e-Rolodex

Recently I've had some inquiries about finding all the information available in the entire universe about HP LoadRunner, specifically stating that it's very common to get "not found" as a return to results. So, I thought I'd take a few minutes of my generous free time to list the main links to find the official (and some unofficial) links to LoadRunner information on the web.

Let's start with the HP website - which can just seem like the deepest jungles in the Amazon where you will find that Google does a better job searching and indexing our site that we do.
The main concern about the URLs on the HP website is that they appear to be very long and cryptic and often look to be dynamic strings.
So, with special thanks to our good friends at Google, here are some very handy links to find LoadRunner information in the
www.hp.com website:
Of course, there's all kinds of external sites - ranging from interactive forums, to FAQ's and answers to every possible interviewing question that you might get asked (I remind you it is unethical to cheat on interviews) and there are some quite large communities of LoadRunner gurus out there. Here's a few forums and blogs that I know, love and use daily:

And a posting like this should also include some of the key individual contributors to the LoadRunner performance testing and performance engineering discipline - our leaders and true gurus:

Although it may seem obvious that I'm just posting a huge bunch of links to get click-throughs on this blog, I honestly must tell you that was not my intention. I have heard from numerous customers that there just isn't the same community of LoadRunner users and engineers out there - like we used to have in the Mercury knowledge base.Hopefully you'll find these links helpful and lasting - people and places you can trust will always have great information about LoadRunner and performance testing.


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