HP really does have a sense of humor!

Back in 2009, we hosted a 24-hour non-stop online Worldwide HP Virtual Conference: “Functional, Performance and Security Testing in Today’s Application Reality.”  And just to show you how committed I was to the conference, I actually did stay up for the entire 24 hours of the entire duration of the conference online...
(the idea for this came from this promotional video that was shot by HP employees... and I even wrote the music!)
Here’s a mashup of the audio and music called Performance Testing in France is Very Impressive and music for the TruClient Flash Video.
(we also did some spoof videos of David Letterman...here’s one we did on Virtualization Top Ten...there are several more of these “somewhere in the archives” that never got out to the public)

(but wait…there’s more...we shot this in building 46 with a huge crew and lots of employees included  -- Steve Feloney pops up in the cube party -- and who is that security guard at the end?)


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