Predictions for IT Performance in 2012

We're down to the wire in 2011, bringing this crazy year to a close in the last few weeks of Q4. All of us are preparing budgets and predicting costs, risks, expenses, headcount, growth, servers, cloud, mobile, networking, telecommuting and even how much we spend on printer toner cartridges. Of course, there’s another way to look at all this frenzied preparation for the upcoming year.
Gary Jackson, the CEO of Shunra joined me in an interview to share ten of his predictions for IT in 2012, specifically targeting the things that he thought would be on the top of mind for many IT executives.
Photo 1: an “IT Decision Maker” who did not listen to our predictions for 2012.
Great to conduct an interview this way, which is different from what I’m typically doing in an online presentation -- typically, I’m the guy going on-and-on about system performance, load testing, performance engineering and offering technical advice, support and tips around IT Performance. It was a very different experience here, asking questions, challenging some premises, and having Gary elaborate on his thinking.

Before you “install updates and shut down” for the holiday, take a listen to this webinar and you might be a little more prepared in the new year.


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