My New Year's Resolutions and Goals for 2012*

As I enter the twentieth year of my career in technology, software testing, and performance engineering, it's an exciting time and it's a time of change and evolution. Here are the areas that I’m consciously making an effort to change and improve in 2012.
Projects, Writing, Work:
- the blog (this blog)…I will write a minimum of 50 blog posts, that’s one per week, leaving a little bit of room for vacation...
- guest posting on HP LoadRunner Blog…I will be submitting more how-to videos and product tips-and-tricks on the HP Community website
- posting on STP…based on my experience in software testing beyond just performance, I will be submitting additional articles to Software Test Professionals online publishing
- projects in 2012…two initiatives I will be working on are BandChemistry and Socrates, both of which are start-up ideas
Professional Growth:
- in January I will be going out on my own as an independent consultant, selling advisory services, training, and performance consulting
- later in the year, I hope to launch the “Performance Radio” weekly 1-hour online show with my colleague Howard Chorney
- I will read 10 new books in 2012, and stop re-reading the old books I love about software testing, performance and technology... I’m open to recommendations of course, to read on my Kindle
- Vivit Philly…I owe you! I hope to continue my voluntary leadership of the Philadelphia Vivit Chapter with the support of colleagues and friends who live local here in the Delaware Valley
- Software Test Professionals…in addition to presenting at the Spring conference in March in New Orleans and submitting more articles I’d like to facilitate a crew around something – perhaps current performance testing tools and techniques
- SQA Forums…this is my favorite forum for independent experts and practitioners for testing tools and practices and also for sage advice –  I’d like to join my peers in voluntary moderating of the forums
Great People:
- old friends…working as an independent consultant means I will have a chance to spend time with some old friends (and on some new subjects) like Julio Rojas, Richard Bishop, James Pulley, Scott Moore, Scott Barber, Sharon Bjeletich, Holly Casper and Dan Downing
- new friends…at the STPCON last October I found a kinship with a new generation of testing professionals, so thanks to Theresa Lanowitz, Matt Heusser, Lanette Creamer, Dawn Haynes, Steve Sturtevant, Shane Evans, Catherine Powell and Pete Walen – I hope to share and collaborate more with you all in 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

* – all plans contingent upon some end of the world event actually not happening in 2012, because, hey, let’s not forget that there might be the rapture or a meteor hit the earth or some other unforeseen end to all of life on our planet...


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