What’s your Future in Performance?

Today is a good day. Is it a good day because it’s a whole new year? Is it because I’ve spent 2 weeks on vacation and feel rested and prepared for new challenges? Nope. Today is a good one because I was published for the first time in Software Test Professionals’ mag/e-zine. No matter how many people try to downgrade online publishing I still think this experience of having a professional editor take on your writing and agree to post your words is fun and cool. But most of all it’s the contribution that makes me happy – I really enjoy being helpful to my peers and colleagues in testing.
Read it when you get a chance: “Mentoring, Self-Study, Fearlessness and Other Practical Tips for Taking the Next Step in Your Performance Career”  I hope you find something useful and inspiring for your career in performance.
Also, thanks Rich Hand for the opportunity and to Scott Barber for giving an opportunity to join his STP Summit last year and inspiring me.
Happy New Year!


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